Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Cast That Racist Dude

After a 2 full weeks without any Bachelor-based content in our lives (excluding everything that went down with Paradise) we finally got back into it this week. Unfortunately, this episode was as dull as it was infuriating. In terms of finding Love™, this was not a super productive week for our ‘Lorette. Instead, it was consumed by Lee and his beef with seemingly every black dude left on the show. Shocking, especially coming from a dude who tweeted this out

What winner.

The episode opens where we left off, with Major Hunches (Eric) yelling at Lee for snitching on him to Rach (I don’t even remember about what tbh). They yell for a bit, Lee does his talking head about how he enjoys making dudes angry, and then things calm down.

This peace, however, proves to be rather fleeting, as moments later, Lee interrupts Kenny’s convo with Rach to double dip on that one-on-one time. This rightly pisses Kenny off, who then confronts Lee in private. This goes about the same as all arguments with Lee, where he basically plays dumb and tries to rile up his opponent. It works and Kenny starts yelling at him. Eventually it just sort of… ends with no real resolution, but whatever. Lee sucks.

We get to the rose ceremony where Rach sends home Bryce (transphobic firefighting elf), Brady (male model), and Diggy (stylish dude). Of these three, Diggy is the only one I’m sad to see go, and even that is 90% attributable to the one time he liked one of my pics on instagram (fuck, I’m so cool).


In terms of fat that probably should’ve been trimmed, only the Tickle Monster and Adam (dude with the fucking puppet) remain. My theory is that Rach agreed to keep these chach’s around so that she could send Whaboom home last week.

The first date of the week is a one on one with Deanie Baby (dreamy ass young boi). They go up in a blimp. Dean gets scared. They smooch. As dreamy as Dean may be, he’s not super interesting and this date was pretty boring. He talked about his dead mom (you can’t see it, but I’m practicing serious restraint here by not making a single dead mom joke), it’s sad. They smooch some more. He gets the rose, but not before being made to dance on a platform while being serenaded by a country group no one has ever heard of (I will never for the life of me understand why the show thinks this is a thing people would want to do on a date).

The only other date this ep was a group date, meant to test the intellect of the chosen group of fuckboi’s. So, of course it’s a goddamnspelling bee. I don’t know if this needs to be spelled out for you or not (see what I did there?), but I’mma do it any way:


Take, for example, Ananya Vinay, the winner of this years Scripps National Spelling Bee. Ananya took home the top prize by spelling, among other words, “konditorei,” “heiligenschein” and “wayzgoose.” I couldn’t even begin to spell those. Does that mean Ananya is my intellectual better? Fuck no, she’s 12 and I would ruin her with my vastly superior brain. By the time she’s my age, I’m sure she’ll have surpassed me, but that day won’t be here for a while. Spelling words is certainly impressive and indicative of a large vocabulary, but not much else.

So the douches spell, some better than others. The words are, for the most part, laughably easy. One of them was “stunning.” Josiah wins, good for him.

After the spelling bee, the group grabs some drinks and we get back into the Lee drama. He goes to Rach and starts talking shit about Kenny being aggressive and this and that.

This brings us to the real issue I have with this week and this season:

How the fuck did Lee make it onto this show?

This is the first season in the franchise’s history in which the lead is a person of color. That’s a big deal (it shouldn’t be, it’s fucking 2017, but here we are). You would think that the production team would, oh, I don’t know, try to avoid casting people who post overtly racist shit on their social media accounts. It’s really not that hard. One of two things happened here:

  1. The producers did not do their due diligence when checking up on Lee. Not sure how you don’t get an intern to comb their Twitter history, but it’s possible.
  2. They saw this, and were like, “Fuck yes, this season is filled with black people, and this could lead to some juicy drama,” in which case, fuck you. Way to exploit your POC contestants for ratings. Stellar move.

One is gross incompetence, the other, malicious race-baiting. Pick your fave!

The simple fact is, they gave this fuck wad a platform to harass black dudes and spread his message of casual racism into living rooms across the country. Fuck that. And this season of all seasons. And that’s without touching his other tweets, ranging in topic from Islam to feminism. It’s absurd.

The other part about this that is so infuriating, is how the fuck did Lee not delete all that shit when he was applying? Aside from finding Love™, one goes on the Bachelor/Bachelorette to grow their social media presence. It would seem only natural to do a little culling of one’s own history to remove any questionable content before millions of internet sleuths do their own digging. Because that will happen. People are both extremely into the franchise (see: this stupid blog) and have way too much time on their hands (see: also this stupid blog). Shit will come out. You gotta get ahead of it.

Stupidity all around.

Despite that, Lee is on the show. And that means that we, the viewers, are treated to all kinds of micro-aggressions and dog whistles. Lee is such an obvious piece of shit that it almost feels counter-productive to even engage with his crap. All he does is fuck with these dudes. And he seems to genuinely enjoy it. When he talks about messing with Kenny, he says he gets “joy crumbling his miserable world.” Eesh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fucking with people, but I’m an equal opportunities asshole. I’ll fuck with anybody. Fucking with people because racist power dynamics let you get away with it is lame, yo.

Really hoping Rachel sends this piece of white trash home so we can get back to the important stuff, like trying to figure out who she wants to fuck the most.

(it’s Dean, btw, I mean, come on)



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