BREAKING NEWS: Brokeback Bachelor is Bullshit

Well well well, looks like the Clint n’ JJ romance was a sham all along. Turns out the bros were just bros who decided to play up the whole “gay” thing for laughs.


This whole thing is so completely fucking dumb that it’s hard to believe that it made it past the myriad editors and execs and onto our screens. What is so funny about the idea of two men being in love? The implication that JJ and Clint’s concocted romance is both scandalous and hilarious seems out of place in 2015. Hell, I would love to watch a gay season of the Bachelor, cuz god knows this shit doesn’t really work for hetero couples.

Now that I’m thinking about it, this could be an opportunity for ABC to kill diversity birds with one stone. Imagine the possibility of a gay Bachelor of color. Would it make up for the decade of white-washed casts? Probably not, but me here at Connie Bongrips thinks it would make a pretty fantastic (and eminently watchable) start.


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